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Back to Basics with Dr. Mariya Farooqi, PharmD

A 3-part course on why & how to lead a healthy lifestyle

On Sundays Oct. 9, 23 and Nov. 6 at 11 AM CT

What We'll Cover:


- Understanding the Importance of hydration
- How can we hydrate beyond drinking water?
- What role do minerals play in overall health?
- How does hydration affect performance?

Immune System

- How is gut health linked to immune health?
- Are zinc and vitamin C the only nutrients needed to boost immune system?
- What kind of foods boost our immunity?

Understanding Nutrients and Phytochemicals

- Are there more nutrients than just vitamins and minerals?
- What are phytochemicals & what do they do?
- What kind of foods contain phytochemicals?

About Dr. Mariya Farooqi, PharmD

Dr. Farooqi started her training in Nutrition in Oxford, England, with a focus on maternal nutrition. After completing her studies in England she pursed a Doctorate of Pharmacy from University of Rhode Island followed by a fellowship in Clinical Toxicology with University of New Mexico. She is also a registered yoga teacher having undergone training with Yoga Medicine® and is on her way to complete 500 hour training. Mariya’s field experience through training, hospital, and community practices has focused on the understanding of chronic pain, gut health, importance of nutrition in mental health as well as nutritional deficiencies and excesses. Combined with more than fifteen year of client-interaction experience, Mariya’s additional knowledge in functional medicine comes from attending seminars and conferences. She has applied several evidence-based principles to achieve wanted outcomes.

Mariya is a global citizen of the world with having lived in 4 different countries and various cities she has a broad understanding of different cultural experiences including food and lifestyle choices. She is also married to a pharmacist and together they have two children with very different taste palates and personalities. She holds regular vinyasa yoga classes in her community and loves to talk about yoga and functional medicine.

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